In 2018, Poddaturi Madhu Sudhan and Poddaturi Naveen Kumar established the family-run company Beams and Columns. For over two decades, they've been largely involved in the construction of commercial and residential complexes. More than ten lakh square feet of twin cities' worth of projects have been finished by Beams and Columns.

Aranya Kalanjali
An offering of art to nature

Aranya - Forest | Kala - Art | Anjali - Offering

Aranya Kalanjali is a Luxurious and Sustainable Residential Community aimed at providing dwellers with a green retreat in the heart of the city. Intending to create a harmonious and calming atmosphere reminiscent of a tranquil forest setting, we’ve used natural materials and sustainable features.

A sense of community and belonging is another key aspect of the project concept. The club house and communal spaces in the building are designed to foster social interaction and shared living. Forest-inspired artwork and natural elements throughout the building serve as conversation starters and points of connection for residents.

With its suburban setting, the area offers a relaxed and comfortable living experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But don't let the peaceful surroundings fool you – essential services, schools, colleges and several recreational centers are located just a few blocks away, making it easy to get what you need quickly and without having to travel too far.

Location : Kompally

Crafting structures
that stand tall and inspire awe.